Way of the Warrior/Naughty Dog 101

3DO Subspace Brief Facts

Subspace Brief Facts is back from its brief hiatus! I just picked up a 3DO, and decided to break it in by doing an episode on Way of the WarriorWay of the Warrior is the kind of “bad” that can’t really sustain 10 minutes of content, so I decided to turn the project into brief history of Naughty Dog’s early years. I found this to be an enjoyable exercise – hope you like the end result!

You may note that this is the series’ first foray into 1080p. Probably would have been better to start with something better than 480i over an s-video cable, am I right? Yuk, yuk.

As a bonus, here’s some cast photos and screencaps of Naughty Dog’s old website, which I refer to frequently in the video.

On a totally unrelated note, here’s the introduction to Quarantine, another 3DO game.  I won’t be covering this game, as it is absolutely putrid, but hey, the introduction sure makes me miss the ’90s. No. Wait. It doesn’t.

The 3DO. This thing cost $700.

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