Subspace Briefcase is my tribute to the video games that I love and all of the fond memories they have given me throughout the years.  Video games have been my chief hobby for nearly three decades, and an omnipresent source of comfort throughout my life.   I figured the least I could do was say some nice things about them.

The ultimate goal of this site is to explore video games, both old in new, in the context of times, places and mental states in which they have been and are played.  Some people associate periods of their lives with albums – I often do the same with games, and I hope to let the world understand why.  I’m sure we’ll dabble in other territory eventually (and probably frequently), but hey, it’s nice to have goals.

When he’s not doing this, Steve White is a lawyer.  His other interests include running, below-average to fine whiskeys, heavy metal, and sleeveless heavy metal t-shirts.  He once taught a corgi to breakdance.

Subspace Briefcase would not be possible without the love and support of Jenn Voss. Her technical know-how and patience makes it possible for me to maintain this site. Plus she can always solve the hard puzzles when I can’t.

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  1. Loved the World Court Tennis review. It was a favourite growing up and I just took it out again after acquiring a TurboExpress. Believe it or not, I still have my Turbografx AND box.

  2. Haha, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It really is one of the more entertaining retro tennis games out there. Careful with that TurboExpress! Those parts are tough to replace.

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